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Why Elead Automotive CRM?

Sell smarter with the most-awarded automotive CRM and comprehensive retail tools that make selling simple. Elead car dealership software platform is fast, friendly and flexible. Open, robust integration with all major data providers empower dealers to access information quickly, delivering the right message at each step of the customer journey.

No matter the dealership’s DMS provider, Elead can tap into these integrations to provide an unparalleled, streamlined data experience for your entire dealership operations.

Our top priority is enhancing dealership – consumer relations. Helping our customers to grow their brand by delivering memorable and lasting experiences to the customers they serve.  How do we do it? By providing proactive help for all areas of dealer operations. We provide training and support with regularly scheduled touch points to ensure the dealership is operating at peak performance and getting the most out of your investment.

Give your staff flexibility with an efficient, easy to use single-view desklog screen to monitor opportunities to speed up the sales journey. A central location to manage the sales process, including appointments, lead activities and a complete log of the day’s activities.

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