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Efficient 90-day internet nurturing program that delivers a consistent lift in showroom traffic and profit.

How would your dealership gain competitive market share with 90-day internet lead follow-up program, supported by a team of sales operations consultants dedicated to your success?

The industry leader and most experienced provider of BDC services bring you a standardized program that’s efficient, profitable and fully connected.

  • Efficient: All workflow activities are executed using the highest standard in follow-up communications, timing and execution.
  • Profitable: Maximize conversions and appointment traffic through productive follow-up strategies and Call Pro Agents that keep you on track for success.
  • Connected: We have the technology, processes and trained agents to vastly improve follow-up strategies. And conversations are fully transparent inside the CRM, so you can view every communication.

Not all lead follow-up programs are the same. With Elead, our Call Pro team works together to keep you on track for success so you can focus on the guest in your showroom.

  • Includes a BDC support team based on agent skill set and experience.
  • Standardized program consists of an aggressive cadence of live calls, text and email engagement.
  • Appointments come ready with a full history of communication inside your CRM. 
  • Monthly report card reviews identify areas of opportunities and success.

Request a consultation to see how you can get the most from your leads, save money on training and improve efficiency to close more deals.

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