Digital Retailing

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Do dealers need digital retailing?

Yes, to control the changing buying landscape. Today’s consumers have more choices than ever before and want a fast, easy way to buy anything and everything online. Does your dealership have the tools to make that happen?

We’ve got the industry’s most powerful digital retailing solution that provides accurate, profitable and fully integrated omnichannel experience. Best of all, you can control every element of the deal.How can digital retailing software help your business?

What’s in it for you?

  • Build shopper trust through transparency from your website to the showroom floor – eliminating the need for double data entry.
  • You have control over every element of deal – this includes configuring nearly any pricing scenario to control gross and profit.
  • It’s simple. Deals that happen online, happen in your CRM too.
  • Shoppers using online retailing tools submit deals – not leads – for faster, easier conversions in-store.

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* Important Qualifying Terms, Exclusions and Restrictions

  • Subject to the OEM program caveat below, this offer applies to Connected Store or DealBuilder as a stand-alone package or as part of an Elead CRM package that is provided directly by CDK to subscribing CDK DMS and Elead customers. Where Connected Store is provided to current subscribers as part of a Connected Store platinum package, a DealBuilder platinum package or an Elead CRM package, the amount of the pro-rata price reduction shall be as determined by CDK.
  • Where Connected Store is provided through an OEM program, CDK will be reaching out to those OEMs (or their third party OEM program managers) about making this offer available through those programs. If you have any questions about whether this exclusion applies to your dealership, please contact your CDK representative.
  • This offer applies only to Connected Store and does not apply to fees in connection with the integration of Connected Store with one or more third party applications or services.
  • This offer applies through December 2021 to customers that are and remain current with their CDK DMS account, Elead CRM account or Connected Store account.


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